When you are seeing my article title, you must think what that title is??

Actually, it just combines the name of organisation and main point of  report.

Every studeent was assigned into different organisations, most of students are in NGOs.

I am doing attachment with two people, studying hospital management in the same organisation- CHFT (Calderdale and Huddersfile NHS Foundation Trust).


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CHFT is a great organisation, the team work and management culture are impressed me. The health sector reform has been done during these 5-10 years. From quality of care, waiting list, safety discharge, platients and carers involvement...etc, The British peeple obtain better health care. One of service development told me, if the UK can do this, Taiwan can do this. To improve your health system, better referral system, using resources more efficiently, and developing health services based on people's needs. Another manager told me, why NHS hospital system has been changed, because the public found dotors could kill patients. people want to better quality of care and services. The sturture of the CHFT is consultants working with managers to provide better services. The importance of managers ans conslutants are same.10 years ago, the NHS system was very similar as Taiwan, people didn't consider management is vital in hospitals. People more concerned the clinial practices. The lead of management usually were consultants (Drs.). However, the best Dr. in the world which doesn't mean the Dr. is the good  manager. Currently, Taiwan's health system cannot think about this, the Drs. are always Drs. They have a power, athority, and social status. Even nurses is fantastic, and knowledgable, they are very hard to gain promotion and future development. Discrmination still exists... 

The salary and working enviroment also havetremendous different. The nurse-patient ratio is one to one in ICU (ventilator patient), they have tea time in the moringin and afternoon, the part-time nurse workes 60 hours a month, she can earn 900 pounds, but I work full time, 192 hours a month, just earn 600-700 pounds. I have to care 2 to 3 patients at the same time,I have do management job at the same time, I have to train new staff and student nurses at the same time. No good walfare and pension system in private firm........You know, I start to scare my future....evne I gain Health management,planning and polic MA degree, it doesn't mean anything. I love clinical job, I love saty with my patients, I love contribute my professtional to help people, but I am just a nurse, there is no good job to offer.

Final terrify thing is wriiten report about policy analysis and evaluation. These three weeks I have to understand the whole struture of CHFT, some activites, and pick up one topic to analyse and give recommendations. I was very very panic for this. Enlgish is my nightmare, and I have to understand the very different hospital from my country, I have to wake up 6:30 am , and worry doing nothing everyday. In very short time, it seems too much to me. Even this attachment is a very very tough task, I still keep going until the end. It is a definitely valuable experience, including postive and nagative. I appreciated this oppertunity to see different world.



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