The New York Yankees in MLB was a brilliant performence last night.

The score was 13 to 0,how astonished it was. Wang also had a excellent behaviour, but just let me worry about his injury.

Last night, I cried a lot. I talked to you a lot. I couldn't find way out between you and me.

To crave into my heart were your every words. However, I believe you were hurt  as you hurt me. I understand your thoughts, I undertand your pain. Ironically, I can speak no words.

In my deep soul, I know I love you indeed.

Just I am not a person who can express self very well. Especially when I face people I love or I care about.

If we knew the ending between us, why we didn't break up eariler?

If we knew the pain betwwen us, why we still keep the relationship?

Many many words I want to tell you, much much tear I dropped for you....

Still, we can't reverse anything between us.

I complain to God, why I am a such good person I can't get my happiness I deserved.

Be thoughtful and virtutos. As better person as I , nevertheless no happiness reach me.

I spoke no words but I wrote a lots.




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