Sex and the City, this a HBO TV series broadcasting 6 seasons,7-year-long, span from 1997 to 2003,in the world wide. Now, the verson of film produce in 21th, June in Taiwan.

I believe many people knew about this story, and how fascinated it is. Every cast is specific and glamorous. One of main roles-- Carrie who became the  spiritual in fasion industry, because of this  great drama. Even she has a own beand. If to  mention her name-- Sarah Jessica Parker,every female crazy for her and "her dresses and shoes".

Carrie Bradshaw was a journalist who chronicled the bettle of the sexes in her popular New York Star column--Sex and the City. Charlotte York was an art dealer who felt the best way to get a man was to play by the rules. samantha Jones was a public relations executive who believed women could have sex like men, and Miranda Hobbes was a corporate laywer frustrated by the indignaties of dating but reluctant to settle fro less than she deserved. Two of them were blondes, one was brunette, and one was a fiery redhead. But all four had one thing common: onne of them had found Mr. Right.

These women liked to eat, drink, date, and shop, but mainly they loved to talk. When it came to their love lives, it seemed they could never agree on anything. They debated a wide variety of hot topices: marriage, divorce,pregnancy,honesty, fidelity, compatibility, and commitment.

Sometimes ir was hard to believe four such different women could wind up friends in their first place. But they lived on the one shimmering island in this world hwere the strangest sorts of people have a way of coming together. The island was called Manhattan.

Why this drama is so popular in the whole world? Just the inner story and outer performence are both very close people's hearts. We all thought... that's right, that was my feeling... Sex and the City is a drama which plays people's real lifes. Everyone can easily identify with roles of the drama.

For me, I am similar to Carrie, the woman desire true love and always think too much. Of course Carrie's forever love-- Mr. Big( Chris noth)  also is my favorite love. Although the broke twice, they can have a happy ending in the final season.  Seriously who don't want to like Carrier can fine her Mr. Right.

Love is important. Fashion is important.

However,the sincere friendship is more vital than above, isn't it?



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