People always say " It is the best things is keeping one's dream".

However,the dreams take wings and fall to pieces,and won't come back anymore.

To build up ideal future must pay many efforts.

Not only time,but money.

If you want to your dreams come true,only one choice you have -- insist it until the last minute.

Paied more than 100,000 NT, spent more than 2 years, future road still can't be seen.

Just  let it be, you wil be better . I told myself.

Archites draw blueprints for their hope, so do I. I won't give up...I want to say that...

I do believe that dreams is the drops of rain that keep the human spirit from death by drought.

It is a my central thought.

Under the reality,dreams is frocing and challenging.

Hard to servial. How to continuous?

A decision will be made....

One day, dreams take wings away.

I am crying down to say, no, I am so regrated...




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