When I was in UK, I loved there sky at night.

The sky was very low and clear as can touch one's  face, and the light blue colour and shining stars....

It deeply touched my mind.

I wondered why the sky in UK was so amazing? I' d never been experiences  in Taiwan or other places.

However, at 1:00A.M at alley of my home, I saw dreamily sky .

Just there , upon my head, not too much cloud and stars, but it revealed unpredictable color.

The bule was dark but not heavy.

 Crystal, the best description.

Suddenly, I realized why I 'd never seen the  picturesque sky in Taiwan, because of  houses.

Buildings in Taiwan are very tall, and dense that contributes people can't see sky easily.

Sky is sky ,no matter where one sees, it 've never changed.


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