NTUPretty three sisters

Tomorrow will be my last day to be the research assistant at NTU.

I think this job is the nearest place about my dream-health policy.

Today I recieved my gifts from colleagues, it was a big surprised for me, almost!The tears were in my eyes

 P1240834-1.jpg Sweet friends gave sweets

P1240841-1.jpg Lovely card with friends' love

I am so lucky! Everytime, everywhere, no matter working or studying!

I can meet someone is wonderful!

Seems many things I want to talk about, but my English proficency is a huge problem!

I can say, the memoris during these days, will be my heart

Doing reasearch, reading papers, writing proposal or reports, contacting people, holding afternoon tea,eating together,singing together,laugh together,sleeping together,sad together, happy together.......these days went through my life and gave marks....


P1240816-1.jpg Good bye NTU

我只在乎你 原
もしも あなたと逢えずにいたら
わたしは何を してたでしょうか
平凡だけど 谁かを爱し
普通の暮らし してたでしょうか
时の流れに 身をまかせ
あなたの色に 染められ

※だから お愿い そばに置いてね
いまは あなたしか 爱せない※

もしも あなたに嫌われたなら
明日という日 失くしてしまうわ
约束なんか いらないけれど
想い出だけじゃ 生きてゆけない
时の流れに 身をまかせ
あなたの胸に より添い

だから お愿い そばに置いてね
いまは あなたしか 见えないの

时の流れに 身をまかせ
あなたの色に 染められ


To all my NTU's friends, colleagues, teachers and students



Tomorrow will be sunny day, tomorrow will be fine, tomorrow we will be together!

Keep in touch!



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