I have to say, doing attachment is my greatest regret and happiness.

This is my first time, I found I am living in UK. This is a real life. This is a real world.

For poeple didn't choose attachemet, they go to letures three days a week and submint assignment. That's all. They can obtain 30 credits easier than me. To be honest, I am kind of jeaous the students who only do leatures studying.

I do my attachment (placement) in the Calderdale and Huddersfield Foundation Trust for three weeks, plus one week preparation and one week presentation and doing assignment. The Calderdale and Huddersfield are samll towns in west yorkshire. To commute to these two hospitals will be taken at least 1 and half hour. Different transpotations are used and walking.

I immerse in "pure" English environment so that I feel stressful. I didn't realise that the teachers and classements treat me very very nice, treat me like oversea student. When I am in hopspital, everyone spoken to me as I am a native speaker. Sometimes, I want to kill meself. How terrible my English is...why I cannot understand them, why I cannot response properly...

During first week attachment, I still don't think my english is fine,but I do think this attachment is very very valuable. These oppertunties cannot occur again in the future. Every meeting and every minute spent should be cherish. Until now, I understood why the attachment is put in the end of course, because you can reflect yourself, you can review the whole course. How much knowledge, skills and information you gain, how much you develop and change.

The attachment is a mirror to reflect your own learning.

Why can I find out this fact? Everyday, when I arrive a new department, or meet new people, they always ask, introducte yourself,why you are here? what do you want? what is your interesting? what can you learn from us? How about your country? People don't always tell you the answers, but they want yourself to find what is your wanting. If I didn't know anything, I cannot say anything, I feel very embarrass with this kind of situation.

However, even I am a post student, still I am not good enough. There are many gaps need to be filled in. There are two more weeks I can work on, to do my best, to learn something.



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