The successive drizzle is  dropping the whole day. It's hard to find the sunlight.

The bright and warm.

Nonetheless, this is a sorrowful winter, to you and me.

Too many events happened that was the winterof despire. How can we know will the hope approach in spring?

Irrefutable, I desire to hide under your wings. It is the so-called happiness. However, the things I couldn't forget is someone really hurt me a lot. Back to stay with you is delight. Yet, initial tragedy is going to start.

You is idential to me, kind but clinging. No one can promise the future, and, of course, no one can predict.

Love and easy life were given up, how brave I am. The 30,signle wowan.

There is a brilliant goal in front of me to achieve, but I feel I dried my passions. For me, the only way here is avoiding.

When will arrive the spring of hope?

When will leave the winter of despire?

How the drops of rain that keep my spirit from death by drought?

Where is the certain vent? I need to know.



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