I was pretty upset about  taekwondo athletes(楊淑君) was disqualified at the Asian Games in China.

The fury in my mind, in all Taiwaeses' minds!!

How unfair, how without international status, can Taiwan be a country?

Once again, our some of governmental officials havenot suppoted our athletes when they met the humiliations.

Even the Asian Taekwondo Union convened the press conference twice to speak out "Taiwanese athlete is cheating, she is using iligeal, disqualified means to gain scores...." something bullshit like this!!

One of Taiwanese Sports Affairs Council officials told every Taiwanese, we should be endured this judge.

Many evidences pointed out the main purpose of  this event is to deprived her qualification..... when the game was ended before 12 seconds!the scores was 9 to 0.

Many evidences proved our athlete was cheating!!she wasn't violeting the rules!!

There are pictures and videos shown!

 I am crying for her, I am crying for Taiwan,......

I am shame on the Korean judge, the Chinese  taekwondo committee member(趙磊),  Asian Taekwondo Union official, and Taiwan who doesn't suppot our dignity!

This article cannot express 50% of my  mind, due to my poor English and dazed brain.

Anyway, we should fight for our dignity, just tell the world what the truth is!!!

Don't cry 楊淑君, we are all in your side!




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